Input-output and Social Accounting matrix


AYeconomics uses innovative algorithms to update and regionalize input-output matrix. Additional, they can extend the input-output tables for environmental or residual analysis as well as social accounting matrix.

Indicators on labour-market institutions


In collaboration with The Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean Societies (ISSM) – Italian National Council of Research (CNR), we are developing a set of indicator on Labour Market Institutions for countries of the Mediterranean. We based on OECD methodology to construct employment protection legislation and unemployment benefits replacement rates for the Mediterranean countries. The analysis of these indicators will give important insides on how the labour market these countries is regulated.

Shadow prices on environmental damages


Environmental damages such as climate change, ozone depletion, or particulate matter formation are not exchanged in markets. Overcoming this problem requires the calculation of shadow prices, i.e., estimated prices for goods that are not traded in markets. We use the benefit transfer method for the economic valuation of environmental impacts.