Healthy childhood and socioeconomic status in Kazakhstan


funded by the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and the Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Duration: 3 years, 2018-2020

The project has the following important purposes: 1) to examine the current and the recent evolution of the childhood health in Kazakhs- tan; 2) to analyze how child health is affected by their parents socio- economic status, and 3) to study if hunger early in life have a causal effect on later health and labour market outcomes. The present project will guide policymakers on how to perform more efficient policy stra- tegies for the development of a healthy population and consequently, a better economic performance. To this end, will homogenize existing databases, and we will create a panel by region (oblast) including also policy maker interventions to evaluate their effectiveness. We will use the more appropriate and advanced techniques to analyze the results and get unbiased results (OLS, panel and IV techniques).

Estimation of the wage loss after the crisis in the Galicia region


Funded by Galician Institution of Labour Relations. Duration: Six months, 2017/2018

The project is aimed to account the wage loss after the crises to design some policies for recovering worker’s purchasing power. AYeconomics is calculating the pure wage lost after discounting the decomposition effect, i.e. wage can decrease due to changes in sectoral compositions or changes in worker’s human capital although the actual wages keep constant, thus AYeconomics discounts this effects adapting Oaxaca decomposition methodology.