Cost effectiveness of applying a discount rate for the social security contribution to the hotel sector in Andalucia region


Funded by the regional government. Duration: 2 months 2018

The project is aimed to evaluate public saving of applying a 50% discount in employers’ social contributions in tourism sector enter- prises during the low season (November-February) in order to keep employment during the months of low demand in Andalucia. To eva- luate this policy AYeconomics estimate the probability of workers in October will be working, unemployed with subsidies or unemployed without subsides in the subsequents months to calculate the public costs/savings in each situation. The simulation have been running for 3 different scenarios: if the policy is applied to all workers, temporary workers or fixed-discontinuous workers.

Development of a multisectoral model for the evaluation of the socioeconomic impact of the closure of productive establishments in Galicia


Institute of Studies and Development of Galicia. Duration: 3 months 2019

The project aims to analyse the impact in production, value-added and employment in Galicia and to the local area of the closure an important firm establishment who decided to move its production to other country. The analysis is done using input-output methodology and disaggregating the branch where the impact takes place.