Strategic Plan for rural tourism in Asturia Region


Funded by Cluster Association ASTURAS. Duration: 3 months

The Cluster promotes colaboration within companies and sectors, fo- cused on innovative products and activities and includes 53 companies from different segments of the value chain of rural tourism in Asturia. Since the beginning of the crisis, it became evident the need for a deep change on the companies of the sector, with a more innovative and international perspective. Therefore, AYeconomics was requested to develop a Strategic Plan of the Rural Tourism Cluster in Asturias, ASTURAS, adapted to the requirements for the Program to promote Innovative Business Groups (AEIs).

Territorial Strategies for Innovation, Overseas Countries and Territories of the European Union (OCT)


Funded by the OCTA Association. Duration: 5 months 2018/2019

The overall objective of the project is to enhance sustainable development through innovative solutions for economic diversification and to improve regional and global competitiveness of the OCTs. The purposes of this contract are as follows: -to support the reinforcement of OCTs and OCTA capacities on innovation and related strategy setting, and to encourage regional and sectorial cooperation when appropriate; -to develop a shared approach and enhance the links between the main stakeholders (i.e. private sector, research, education and public authorities) on strategic objectives for supporting innovation in OCTs; -to create the appropriate framework and tools for supporting OCTs in the formulation and implementation of their strategies for innovation.