All our courses are done in collaboration with the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). Trainings are targeted for researchers and academics from High Education Institutions, for policymakers and practitioners from governments, NGOs and other organisations. The purpose of courses is to provide with the tools to analyse data and to obtain right evidence for your decision-making process.

Our courses are provided in English, Russian and Spanish languages. During the courses our students will have access to the university facilities such as libraries, computers room…In the following boxes, you can find a brief description of our last courses and download a detail program. For more information please, contact us!


An introduction to research
techniques in economics
    • Research techniques (15 hours)
      (data analysis, regression analysis,
      open source tools…)
    • Design your own project (22 hours)
      (library time, meeting researchers…)
    • Presenting your results (7 hours)
      (How to present and publish your results)
    • Institutions that support research
      (Visit IDEGA, IGAPE, emprendia)
An introduction to Python
for economic research
    • Python Basics 1 (4 hours)
    • Computing with Python:
      The NumPy Library (4 hours)
    • Working with Data:
      The Pandas Library (4 hours)
    • An Introduction to Statistics
      and Econometrics with Python (4 hours)
    • Visualization Tools (4 hours)