We believe better understanding leads to better decisions. AYeconomics provides clients with high-quality research and recommendations on socioeconomic issues. Collaborating with individual scientists, research institutions and universities the company links academia and policy makers to generate new ideas and discover innovative solutions to demanding public issues. AYeconomics plays an important role in building expert network that covers different regions and disciplines to provide the best solutions to our client’s social economic concerns. Our research is carried out by staff with dedicated knowledge on social economic topics such as labour, environmental or regional development.The specialist knowledge of our staff together with our collaborators from universities around the world allow AYeconomics to provide rapid advice to government, industry and NGOs in different areas of economics. AYeconomics invite you to take a look at our published work to get a better idea of the fruits of our research (list of publications).

Central Asia Division

Research Division

Head: Aizhan Samambayeva

email: a.samambayeva@ayeconomics.com

Head: Yolanda Pena-Boquete

email: y.penaboquete@ayeconomics.com

Strategic Division

Policy Evaluation Division

Head: Manuel Fernández-Grela
Head: Melchor Fernández